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Popular Products

6000 - Access High-Low Exam Table

The Access High-Low Exam Table, 6000 Model Exam Table safely and effortlessly takes patient from consultation to examination with a touch of a button. The chair to table design means no lifting, reducing physical strain for you while maintaining your patients dignity and comfort during the examination.

Bottle Top Dispenser - Sapphire, with Dual Inlet Technology

The Sapphire Bottle Top Dispenser is a convenient dispenser that uses a dual valve technology, that allows you to simply rinse the instrument and refill your bottle without dismounting the dispenser.

IB-15G Incubator including RS-232 interface and software(102L)

Exclusive gravity convection type incubators for all laboratory purposes. IB-G series are the most useful incubators for general purpose use air-jacketed convection style for excellent temperature variation without external air disturbance.

VSM-3 Variable Speed Vortex Mixer

The VSM-3 Vortex Mixer provides gentle to vigorous uniform vortexing action with minimal vibration.

AURELIA® TRANSFORM™ Trans Blue Thin Nitrile (Non Latex) Exam Gloves

AURELIA® TRANSFORM™ Trans Blue Thin Nitrile (Non Latex) Exam Gloves. Powder free. Finger Textured

Baby Scale

The AMW-BB-44 Baby Scale has smooth contours that provide great support for your baby.

Giant Five-Part Eyeball

The A22 Giant Five-Part Eyeball is 6 times life-size, made of unbreakable vinyl plastic replica and packed with useful teaching features.

Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements

The C2608 Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements provides your students with a concrete visual reference to reinforce the abstract symbols for the chemical elements.