Giant Five-Part Eyeball

The A22 Giant Five-Part Eyeball is 6 times life-size, made of unbreakable vinyl plastic replica and packed with useful teaching features.
Manufacturer: Denoyer-Geppert
Manufacturer part number: 0102-00
Giant Five-Part Eyeball
Features Lucite lens which inverts images
6 times life-size, this unbreakable vinyl plastic replica is packed with useful teaching features. On the exterior of the eyeball is the cornea, through which the iris and pupil are visible, the large lacrimal (tear) gland, attachments for all six muscles that move the eyeball, the optic nerve, and surrounding blood vessels. The eyeball divides in half to study the interior. The iris/cornea can be removed as can the functional Lucite lens, which magnifies and forms inverted images. The transparent vitreous body exposes the choroid coat and retina. Rods, cones, and other retinal microstructures are detailed in a highly magnified diagrammatic cross section. 42 hand-coded features are identified in the corresponding key.
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  • 100% American-made, every step in the production of every Autographed Anatomy model - molding, hand sanding, hand painting, number-coding, labeling and autographing - is carried out here in the DGi Skokie factory.
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Mounted on a hand rubbed, hardwood base.
The model measures 6x6x6 inches (15x15x15 cm).