Pro Scientific

PRO Scientific is a homogenizer and laboratory equipment manufacturer.  All products manufactured by PRO Scientific are backed with years of technical experience and unmatched support after the sale. PRO Scientific's progressive product development and distribution expansion is a result of our reputation for quality products and service which has allowed for even further growth all over the world.


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HPS-7A® Hotplate Stirrer

The HPS-7A Hotplate Stirrer features a durable aluminum top that will not crack or chip, and provide a more even heating surface.

HPS-7C® Hotplate Stirrer

The HPS-7C Hotplate Stirrer feature a chemical resistant, reflective white top plate surface that's easy to clean.

VSM-3 Variable Speed Vortex Mixer

Compact small footprint design, the VSM-3 - Variable Speed Vortex Mixer, provides gentle to vigorous action Continuous & touch start/stop operation Variable speeds up to 3,000 rpm Includes tube adapter & platform adapter BONUS ITEM: 10-place microtube adapter Made in the USA

VSOS-4P Programmable Digital Orbital Shaker

The VSOS-4P's Digital capabilities allow you to visually set the RPM Speed and Time.

VSR-50 Variable Speed Rocker

The VSR-50 provides a rhythmic side-to-side motion and its variable speed allows for a gentle to vigourous movement.

Deluxe MaX Homogenizer Package

The Deluxe MaX Homogenizer Package is Ideal for processing in 10ml - 50ml round bottom or conical tubes.

Deluxe MULTI-GEN 7 Package

The Deluxe MULTI-GEN 7 Package is Ideal for processing multiple samples at a time in 1.5ml - 5ml tubes without risk of cross-contaminaton and eliminating the need to spend valuable time cleaning the generator between samples.

Deluxe Universal Homogenizer Package

The Deluxe Universal Homogenizer Package is Ideal for processing in 1.5 ml - 15ml round bottom or conical tubes.

PK-01200D - Deluxe Micro Homogenizer Package

The PK-01200D Deluxe Micro Homogenizer Package Fits into 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, and 5ml tubes 5mm flat-bottom probe designed for liquid and soft samples 7mm saw-tooth probe provides extra cutting action for all samples Protective Carrying Case Made in the USA with a 2 Year Warranty