New Products

Clear Acrylic Equipment Draft Shields in 4 Sizes - By TrippNT

TrippNT's Acrylic draft shields protect balances and delicate instruments from moving air and dust. Work easily with a completely see-through shield, which comes complete with cord hole in the back. 4 sizes: 13, 15, 18 & 22 inch cubes

100SCB-B - Beige Base

The Quincy Lab slide cabinet base provides solid support for the cabinet and rests on scratch-proof rubber feet.


The MIKRO 185, Hettich’s new, high-performance research centrifuge, offers versatile solutions and improved safety features within a compact, elegant frame.


UXGLA-9PEDS - 9-Drawer X-Tall PEDIATRIC Cart. This cart is built on the medium version of our Aluminum frames and comes standard with a full set of drawer dividers, transport lever lock and removable plastic top for easy cleaning.


5709 - PILL COUNTER GRAFCO - Counter top platform tray designed for convenient, time-saving pill counting. Tray, spatula, hinged funnel of rigid plastic. Size: 8" x 6"

5-Drawer Short Emergency Cart (USRLU-33339-RED)

Economical steel crash carts offer a robust work platform that can be configured with accessories to address your code cart needs.

Omni Triple Glove Box Holder - Stainless Steel #305303

Our triple steel glove box holder is constructed of durable stainless steel and is spot welded for a sleek, easy to care finish that will withstand years of use and still look new.

Bottle Top Dispenser - Sapphire, with Dual Inlet Technology

The Sapphire Bottle Top Dispenser is a convenient dispenser that uses a dual valve technology, that allows you to simply rinse the instrument and refill your bottle without dismounting the dispenser.

Bottle Top Dispenser - Jade, with Re-Circulation Valve

Dispense a wide range of reagents with precision and accuracy using the Jade Bottle Top Dispenser. It features a re-circulation valve that redirects liquid back into the bottle without the loss of reagent.

Model DS6150 - Remote Indicator Scale

The affordably priced Model DS6150 Remote Indicator Scale satisfies a variety of applications with a versatile design. Whether your application is a physician’s office, acute care or visiting home nurse, the DS6150 can meet your needs.

Counter Top Smoke Acrylic Single Stack Paper Towel Dispenser

52914 Counter Top Smoked Acrylic Folded Paper Towel Holder and Dispenser

Series: Polyethylene Locking 6 Drawer Procedure Anesthesia Carts in 13 Colors:

Series: Polyethylene Locking 6 Drawer Procedure Anesthesia Carts in 13 Colors: 31 x 48 x 20 inches WHD

Red Locking Core Six Drawer Cart

51379 Emergency Room Core 6D Locking 6 Drawer Cart: 23 x 35 x 19 inches WHD